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Monday, January 17, 2022

Grow Your website traffic and ranking with our SEO services

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO services is key for increasing business visibility on the search engines google Bing and other search engines.

Over the years, millions of users search online for your business product if your business website is ranked on search engine customers will find your business easily and you will get new customers for your business. SF computers and institutions provide you the best SEO services for the top ranking of your business website. He will rank your website on top ranking and gain more visitors for your business.

SF computers and institutions offer the Best SEO services in India which will assist your business with gaining internet Visibility and increment business. We have been giving reasonable SEO administrations from 2021 over the world. With the quick-paced development and advancement of the virtual stage, online undertakings are discovering it is exceedingly basic to fortify their computerized nearness. A functioning and prominent online nearness will end up being the way to gaining potential clients, along these lines meeting their necessities. Look SEO is very Important to Your Website online presence S F Computer provides the best service as compared to others. We have perfect strategy Tricks to grow your Businesses and store or any services. We have Ranked many websites through our best strategy. S F Computer Giving best SEO services at a Low-End price which is suitable to your budget.

What will we do to drive the best traffic results for your business in Search Engine Optimization Services:-

We are generating  Organic results, visibility& reach in all major search engines like Google, Bing, and other search engines. We can help you in finding your target customers, audience and generating more leads from new website visitors. measure the interest in your product services and finally benefit from all that you will get.

Our SEO services:-

Local SEO services:-

Hospitals Schools Shop and many more small businesses

Global SEO services:-

Online business Ecommerce Store Online services and more global business

Our SEO services  started In affordable price  For More Info

Call Now:-

Contact us:-+917905486422 +9999631101

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

social media marketing course on live project work experience

Social  Media marketing certification course

What is a social media marketing course  ?

The social media marketing course is the complete guidance of Social  Media Network to manage and grow an association's communication and online presence. As a digital marketing strategy, social media optimization can be used to increase knowledge of new products and services.

In this social media marketing course, You will learn how to get more visibility and Customers for business from social media platforms.

How many types of Social Media Marketing

In this social media marketing course, You will learn about both sides of social media marketing Organic and Paid Marketing  In a practical manner. 

Training Details-
  • Setting up and managing Social Media Profile
  • User Engagement on Social Media Sites. (Facebook, Twitter Linkdin)
  • Social Groups and Create Awareness
  • Increasing Likes and Followers
  • Get organic likes for a pages
  • Generate Lead
  • Boost page with Low Cost

Here we all learn all fundamentals of Social Media Optimization and also learn how people can earn money from Social Media platforms. We provide Practical Training and guide them on how to generate leads for their business.

social media marketing course   Overview-

  • Per day 4 + hour Live Workshop
  • 2 Months Training Period
  • Work on Live Projects
  •  Social Media Optimization Certification

Social Media Marketing Online  course   Fees -

Training Fees-20000+18% GST.

Contact Us for more Details- 

+91 9999631101  

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Learn Complete Search Engine optimization certification course in 1 Month

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Online Training

Learn Complete SEO Certification course with 100% Job Placement Assistant

If you want make future bright in digital marketing you will purchase our world best (SEO)search engine optimization certification course and learn complete seo in one months with live project work experience.

Learn search engine optimization 6 modules in 1 months with on live project practices.

This SEO course provides you best Knowledge of Global Search Engine Optimization And Local Search Engine Optimization on Live Projects with Practical Manner with our 6 years Well Experienced Trainer.

In this training, you will learn about what is SEO and why we need SEO, and how can rank your website on google search results on the top position. In this course, you will learn beginner to advanced level Search Engine Optimization in the 21st century, Digital Marketing is the most popular and most effective way to grow your business online and get more customers for any kind of business.

Course Overview -

  • On-Page (SEO)Search Engine Optimization .

  • Off- (SEO)Page Search Engine Optimization.

  • (SEO) (SEO)-Technical Search Engine Optimization .

  • Technical website Audit .

And More ....

Local Search Engine Optimization:-

Local Search Engine Optimization certification cours e

Every Small and Medium Business need Locally Branding for more store visit and
more online product sales. You will learn in this part of the SEO course, How to get more customers for your business from the local area.

Global Search Engine Optimization:-

Global Search Engine Optimization certification course

Global Search Engine Optimization is a technique to get a more targeted audience globally. In this part of the SEO course, you will learn about how to rank Keywords on Search Engines on top.

SEO course is a key to ranking your website keyword on top Google searches. If you want to learn Search Engine Optimization Beginner to Advanced Level On the live project, SEO Courses online is best for your bright career. you will be expertise in this course and make your future brighter in digital marketing and achieve the highest salary packages in your dream company.

Search Engine Optimization  Course Overview -

  • Per Day 4+ Hours Workshop 
  • 1 Months Training 
  • Live Projects Work Experience On (The Biography Pen News)

  • Search Engine Optimization certification
Contact Us For Check Your eligibility.

Now- +917905486422 +91 9999631101

Course Fees Details-

Training Fee-10000+18% GST

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Learn Complete Digital Marketing Course Online with the Best Institution


WHAT IS THE   Digital Marketing Course Online?

 Digital Marketing Course is the best way to make a bright future in the 21st century .where you will learn how to advertise or sell products or services online through social media and e-commerce sites and other kinds of sites too. Nowadays everyone uses the internet like social media sites, e-commerce sites, and other kinds of sites. They spend their most of time on these sites, so it’s a huge opportunity to promote a product or service online through these platforms at an affordable price. Digital marketing promoted businesses growing rapidly these days and most of the businesses use these techniques for their businesses so it’s a good platform for career aspect as well business aspect. 

How Many  Modules of Digital Marketing Course you will learn in this course  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Advertising (SMA)
  • SEO Reporting
  • Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs
  • Google Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Website Planning
  • Marketing Automation

You will learn all parts of the digital marketing course 

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO, SEM)

In this part of the Digital Marketing Course, you will learn about how to rank keywords on google and bing search engine in a practical manner.

In simple terms when a person searches a product or service related to our business on any search engine Google, Bing, Microsoft, and another engine which website show on the first page of the engine it is only available through  Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO Improves the ranking of a website so that our website is visible on top of the page of that engine and visible to more people. Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of website ranking in an organic way and it increases website visibility on search engines. When we want more people to come to our site we have to use Search Engine Optimization    

    There are some major components of Search Engine Optimization

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization 
  • Off-Page Seach Engine Optimization
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization and Marketing (SMO SMM):-

In this part of the  Digital Marketing Course, you will learn about how to optimize and promote services and products on social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing is the way that we use for promoting our product or services through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. 

Digital Marketing Course IMPORTANT Modules 

In this Online digital Marketing course, you will learn the trading and important Digital Marketing Modules  On live Projects and develop the best skills in digital marketing.

When you will go with a Digital Marketing Course so it's a huge benefit of it you will learn how to track The perfect business audiences you can see their interests their activity and use these things to promote your businesses or brands in depth. you can also track from which place your audiences come. When you know all these aspects of customers you can give them that thing which they actually want. Tracking all these things we have to use the Google analytics tool because it helps us to track customers and audiences.

When we go with these things we should know the benefits of these aspects or things too, because it helps us to understand the importance of digital marketing:-

  • Promoting Businesses at the lowest budget
  • Higher depth insights
  • Targeted Audiences
  • Saves time and money
  •  Improvements available
  • Targeting Globally
  • No special Spaces require
  • No special resources require

As you can see digital marketing is a huge depth field we can’t cover all aspects in some sentences it’s a way to understand marketing and technology to make your business a brand. 

Digital Marketing Course Overview:-   

We are here to help our students by giving them practical knowledge of these aspects and tools. We work on their understanding of tools and make them friendly with them so that they will use these tools in proper interest, not in any burden. Digital marketing training is provided by us and we make our students marketers. We work on some important technical skills that must require for the digital marketer:-

  • Keyword research
  • Website customization
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO 
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Content writing
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Google analytics
  • Webmaster tools

BENEFITS OF THIS  Digital Marketing Course: -

  • Per day 4+hour Live Workshop.
  • 100% Job placement.
  • Certificate digital marketing.
  • 3 months live projects work experience
  • Deep and practical knowledge of Digital Marketing 
  • No Cost EMI Option Available 
  • Training fees 30000 +18% GST
For More Info Call:-  +917905486422  +919999631101

We can see there are lots of Online Courses on Digital Marketing but it is helpful for those who know the value of marketing in the 21st century. Digital marketing is a way to analyze market problems and solutions for that problem. We teach our students how to analyze these problems and resolve that. Digital Marketing Course  is a huge opportunity for that students or learners who really want to make their career in this field and want to become future digital marketers grab this opportunity

Check Our Past Students Review and our more Courses On Google:-S F Computers and Institution

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